About Little Southern Lady:

Little Southern Lady is a Southern lifestyles blog based in the heart of the North Georgia Mountains, with a heart for Southern women who want to make life fun and creative for their families.

Edited by Tasha Biggers (myself), a North Georgia potter, blogger and lifelong resident, LSL focuses on ways to improve and energize the lives of “little Southern ladies” by providing fun ideas for home life, product reviews, and recommendations for local excursions and travel adventures, whether they require a road trip or a plane ticket.

As a small business owner, I am thrilled to share businesses with you that do an excellent job of serving tourists and locals alike. Little Southern Lady often spotlights local and regional businesses that are a must-see, whether you live here or you’re passing through.

With roots in country music and Southern arts, Little Southern Lady also features artists I love and special country or arts-related events.

And sometimes I go totally off-topic and just share what I feel like sharing. 🙂

About Tasha:

 Hey! I’m Tasha, the writer, photographer, editor and everything-elser for Little Southern Lady.

I grew up here in the North Georgia Mountains, surrounded by the natural beauty of God’s creation. We live in our “forever home” on our family’s farm, and we’re raising two sweet little farm boys.

I love to create things. Pottery, food, blog posts… I just like making stuff to share with other people.

I have owned Tasha Biggers Pottery since 2008, and I have so much fun making mugs, bowls and other production-oriented pottery there. Pottery is ingrained in this area’s history, and I’m proud to be a part of that.

I worked for five years at Hickory Flat Pottery in Batesville, Ga. before opening my own shop, and also part-time as a lifestyles clerk at The Times, a regional newspaper in Gainesville, Ga.

At The Times, I worked on updating the events calendars for the lifestyles section, and I also had the pleasure of writing several articles on various lifestyles topics and events, often focusing on country music.

The country music coverage led me on several fun adventures, including snagging a phone interview with the then up-and-coming Taylor Swift and taking a really bad selfie with Garth Brooks.

I’m so excited to share future adventures in country music and life in North Georgia with you! I may take you on an adventure to get boiled peanuts with my kids, or go behind the scenes at the Grand Ole Opry (how cool would that be?), but I promise it will be fun either way!

Little Southern Lady is my very own little online magazine- yay! Thank you so much for stopping by to flip through the pages!

~ Tasha

Disclosure Policy:

The purpose of Little Southern Lady is to enhance the lives of Southern women by giving you ideas that bring creativity and fun to every day.

Like print magazines or newspapers, Little Southern Lady is funded by advertising.

I host third-party advertising on my blog’s sidebar, and use affiliate links when available. If you purchase an item through my affiliate links, I get a small percentage, but there is no additional cost to you.

I also advertise my Etsy pottery shops, Tasha Biggers Pottery and Love the Mug.

The content in my posts and on every page of my blog is solely my opinion. I will never share an item in “Picky Picks” that I don’t absolutely love, or recommend that you visit a place I wouldn’t want to take my family to visit.

I also strive to follow the “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” policy at all times here at LSL, so you won’t see negativity or anything that wouldn’t be considered family-friendly here.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this disclosure policy or any other concerns by sending an email to tasha@littlesouthernlady.com.




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