‘Basic’ shorties just added to Matilda Jane Clothing Line

Matilda Jane Clothing just made it easier to expand your little girl’s wardrobe, especially for those of you that cringe at the sight of too many patterns mixed together.

Two solid ruffle shorties were recently added to the sweet line of clothing that “keeps little girls little girls.”Matilda Jane fans can mix the new coral or turquoise shorties with several different patterned tops and dresses from current and past Matilda Jane releases, making it easy to mix and match without pattern overload.

The new shorties are great matches for several of the Spring and Summer Matilda Jane releases, as well as some of the most recent pieces in the Joanna Gaines + Matilda Jane line.

Here are some pieces from past and current lines that coordinate well with the new basics:

Good Luck Trunk, the popular Matilda Jane Clothing sale that happens every so often, is also currently happening on the Matilda Jane website.

Good Luck Trunk is your chance to buy beautiful, good quality Matilda Jane clothes at a much lower price.

You can check it out through July 7 by using my Trunk Keeper, Shay Farr, by using this link.

You have to purchase Matilda Jane clothes through a Trunk Keeper. It’s kind of like having an Avon Lady.

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