Krispy Kreme will bring back Chocolate Glaze Doughnuts for World Chocolate Day

The hot sign will be on at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts shops across the world for World Chocolate Day, when the doughnut maker will bring back a fan favorite- Chocolate Glaze Doughnuts!

On July 7, in celebration of World Chocolate Day, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts will offer its special Chocolate Glaze Doughnuts for one day only.

Krispy Kreme shops on six continents will celebrate World Chocolate Day with the special doughnuts, from Auckland, New Zealand to Kahului, Hawaii, with many shops opening at midnight to celebrate World Chocolate Day for a full 24 hours.

The company also featured Chocolate Glaze Doughnuts in celebration of last year’s solar eclipse. The company said demand for the doughnut convinced them to bring it back.

The Chocolate Glaze Doughnut is a “Krispy Kreme classic Original Glazed® Doughnut smothered in rich chocolate glaze,” according to Krispy Kreme.

This part sounds like chocolatey awesomeness: “Guests who visit participating Krispy Kreme shops in the U.S. will see the chocolate glaze waterfall as the doughnuts are prepared.”

If you get a chance to grab one of the Chocolate Glaze Doughnuts, you can share pics of the experience with the hashtag #worldchocolateday, and tag @krispykreme.

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