Snow ice cream, a snow lady and rides on the four-wheeler: It’s snowing in Georgia!

In case you are wondering, it snows in Georgia.

I know those of you who have never been here might picture us sipping sweet tea on sunny Antebellum-style porches all year long, but it does get cold in winter (eventually), and then, especially here in the North Georgia mountains, we get one or two good snows per year!

Trace, 4, loved this mini snowman.

We cherish snow, since it is, after all, a miracle from the Lord. Then we are ready to get back to normal in, like, one or two days.

But we also freak out. Are the roads driveable? Will the kids have school? How can the kids have school if the roads aren’t driveable? What if my kids get stuck at school? How can the school bus get up the mountain? This slush will turn to ice! Will my power go out? Will we all freeze? And so on.

Our city’s old courthouse is pretty all year round, but especially so when it snows (and it’s already decorated for Christmas!)

And then there’s the mental grocery list every native Georgian tries to resist checking off: Milk, bread (maybe eggs?)

When snow was forecasted last night, I had to calm myself when I realized I only had half a gallon of milk. Thankfully the bread and eggs are fully stocked. And it only takes one cup of milk to make snow ice cream, so we’re good.

Then there are the cynics who scoff at the prediction of snow and the early school closings. It seems so silly that it will actually happen. But, this morning, it did! For hours, it snowed! And so, we did our snowing-in-Georgia checklist.

Lane, 2, with his new Daniel Tiger hat-and-mitten combo.

Here’s my family’s snow day have-to-do list:

  • Put on snow gear- hats, gloves, boots, coats. Most of these things are only used on the one or two days a year it snows.
  • Take photos of everyone in the snow. This is most important to me, but thankfully the boys (and Heath) complied long enough to get some good ones.
This year’s family snow pic (before the snow lady had a face) also includes Honor, who is due in January. She loved her first snow, by the way.
  • Build a snowman. This time ours was a snow lady, because of her girly scarf. She was even decorated with a rose that was still blooming from the T-shirt weather that just ended a week ago. Normally it stays cold at least by Nov. 1, but this year has been unusually warm.
Our snow lady, decorated with camellia leaves as pigtails and a rose that was still blooming on our rose bush.
  • Four-wheeler rides. The boys (Trace, 4, and Lane, 2) request to ride the four-wheeler with their daddy daily, but it’s especially fun in the snow. By the way, my two-year-old only thinks he can drive off on the “wheel” by himself.

  • Inside within an hour. (Y’all, it’s cold!) After that, I am happy to enjoy the snow through the windows of my warm house.
  • Snow ice cream! I stick our popcorn bowl out on the deck to catch “clean snow” for a little while before making it. This snow ice cream was served in Sno-cone cups, thanks to Trace.
Snice cream.

Snow Ice Cream (S’nice Cream)

  • 4 cups snow
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla

Mix all ingredients together, then alternate with more snow or milk to get the right consistency. Add more sugar or vanilla to taste.

What’s on your snow day to-do list?

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