Chick-fil-A’s September 2017 Cow Calendar Mystery Offer

Two freebies this month!

Another double freebie from Chick-fil-A for September 2017

Chick-fil-A doubled its Mystery Offer last month with a free Coca-Cola beverage and a free fruit cup, which could be redeemed individually.

They’re doing it again with a different offer for September 2017!

If you are a Chick-fil-A Cow Calendar Card holder, your Mystery Offer for September 2017 is…

A free order of hash browns OR a medium Waffle Fry and a Coca-Cola beverage of your choice (any size), OR a Dasani bottled water. Yay!

Can I just say how nice those Chick-fil-A people are? Enjoy September!



    • Hi there Lemuel, I just revised this post after I noticed that they will let you choose. You CAN choose a Waffle Fry or hash browns! I totally agree, I’d choose Waffle Fries over hash browns any day.

    • calendars get more lame every year. it’s great that they offer them and give us free stuff. but i’m spoiled from other years when they gave us a salad one month, chx sand the next, strips and soda another, shake and fries another, etc. only once a soda by itself, soup and drink another. love the tortilla soup!

  1. The food & drink from the calendar are FREE! How can people complain, even if they did get more in prior years! It’s still better than nothing! So Yes Cat, you are spoiled, but then, most Cats are! At least mine is!

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