Are Tieks worth the price?

A couple of years ago, some cute ballet flats called Tieks popped up on my Facebook news feed. They were supposedly super comfortable, not blister-inducing like every other flat. And they came in colors that would match everything in my closet! So cute!

Then I clicked through the ad, and I noticed the absolute cheapest ones were $175. Nope. Not worth it for shoes I couldn’t even try on.

So I waited. And waited. Bought other flats that just did not work. Every pair paled in comparison to the beautiful leather rainbow of shoes that just would not go away every time I scrolled through Facebook.

Then I saw a girl at church wearing them- in real life!- and felt like I had seen a celebrity. I asked her if she thought they were worth it? Yes! And if they’re really comfy? Yes! I stopped short of asking her if I could try them on…

So, when Mother’s Day rolled around, it wasn’t jewelry that I asked for. I sent a link to my husband for some very specific Feather Grey Tieks.

At first when I got them, I was a bit disappointed. When they arrive they are packed folded in a very impressive gift box, which is cool, but it makes them pretty flat. The Feather Gray ones have a slight sheen, which for me meant they weren’t quite as easily stretched and they needed some breaking in. I tried to be upbeat about them because I had asked for some super expensive shoes and was a bit embarrassed that they weren’t quite what I expected.

If this is was your experience with Tieks, I suggest you wear them another day. Once I did, I totally got what all the other bloggers were saying about them.

Once broken in, they really are almost perfect shoes.  There are two drawbacks, which I will share first so I can get to the good stuff:

  • They don’t quite flatten out, ever, at least so far. So when you’re wearing them and sitting, you can see the arch of your foot.
  • I wish they weren’t quite so flat over the toes, or that there was a bit more material in that spot to cover toes. Just a bit.

Now, here’s what I love about Tieks!

  • The supple leather upper and thick leather sole. It’s the real deal.
  • There is no elastic at the back of the ankle! Just padding. The elastic around the rest of the shoe holds them on.
  • They fit my wide-ish, very flat size 8 feet.
  • They are light-weight but the thick leather inside and rubber soles are supportive- not running shoe supportive,  but plenty for a day of work or moderate walking.
  • They go with everything, jeans or dresses, dressed up or down. I now have a pair in Feather Gray and one in Matte Black. Great basic colors to start your collection. I have worn the Feather Gray ones every single Sunday to church since I got them!
  • The sweet turquoise stripe down the back that says, “Eek! Those are Tieks!” And the pebble-like soles with matching turquoise. It’s kind of like the pop-of-color effect of red soles on Christian Louboutin heels, but with a way-cheaper price tag, for a more laid-back girl.

So, I’m not going to tell you to buy Tieks, because goodness. It’s $175! But, I will tell you I will probably ask for these for every holiday in the foreseeable future. To me, quality shoes are worth spending a little more. And I can’t help it, I just love Tieks!

Have you tried Tieks? What was your experience like?

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