My experience with Plunder jewelry: So many pretty things!

WATCH: My Plunder unboxing video! Look at the pretty packaging!

So, Facebook is my favorite place to shop nowadays. LuLaRoe, Matilda Jane and now, Plunder!

I recently got invited to a Plunder Facebook party, and the pieces immediately stood out to me as something that would fit right in with my style. They are so pretty and striking, yet affordable (every piece is between $8 and $40) and unique.

My pastor’s wife, Christa Skipper, is a Plunder rep, and she shared her love for the company in this guest post.

I thought I would tell you about my new, sparkly finds, so you can see what the pieces look like “in real life.”

This is the Zoe necklace, which is definitely my favorite. It goes great with a tunic-leggings-and-ankle-boots kinda outfit! I could also see it working with a dress. I just love everything about it- the super-sparkly pendant, the length, the bronze chain, the tiny pearl detail. It’s definitely a necklace for a dressy kind of day, or a date night with my husband.

Then there’s this Jasper necklace. It is understated and simple, but in a way its uniqueness makes a statement. It would definitely look cool with a layered outfit, or paired with a longer necklace. Dressed up or down. I love simple metal pieces with modern lines.

This Martha necklace is full-on fancy. This pic didn’t fully capture its sparkliness. I think this necklace would even work at a black tie event! It’s just so pretty. I could see it as the lone accessory to a little black dress. ?

By the way, I can’t express to you just how much narrowing down I had to do to choose these three lovely necklaces! I’m thinking a Valentine’s Day wishlist is in order.

You can go make your own wishlist- or just fill up your shopping cart- at Christa’s Plunder Page. Happy shopping! You are going to love it.

Have you discovered Plunder? What’s on your wishlist?

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