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What is Plunder? It’s a beautiful line of jewelry that is both pretty and affordable. It’s vintage-inspired, but it fits right in with the feminine, boho trends happening now. And it’s a fun way to share your faith, cherish your family… and even wear essential oils!

My pastor’s wife, Christa Skipper, is a Plunder rep. In today’s guest post, she will tell you all about Plunder, and why she is excited to share the company’s products with our community:

Plunder, simply put, is a line of vintage jewelry with savvy prices. The company began from one lady’s (Hillary Adams) experience literally “plundering” through her grandmother’s old jewelry. These timeless pieces prompted ideas for jewelry that she has since sought to recreate and produce for women to enjoy everywhere.

I was drawn to Plunder because of the cute jewelry, but also because of my similar story. Growing up, we would travel 1,000 miles every year to visit my grandparents and great-grandmother. My great-grandmother lived a simple life, but loved her jewelry. Hers was costume jewelry, but she always had on matching necklaces and clip on earrings made of various gems and rhinestones.

Every day she would choose a broach to wear from her collection. Not just a small collection, but a collection of thousands of broaches. She began to collect them and people would give and bring them to her from all over the world. She displayed the huge collection on giant, cloth covered bulletin boards in her tiny duplex. I can remember sitting on her bed looking at all of those broaches. They are preserved and kept in a museum in her small hometown in Oklahoma. When I think of plundering through jewelry, she is immediately who I think of.

The jewelry of Plunder is modern and stylish, but in many pieces you can see a nod to classic, vintage jewelry. They are pieces I think my Grandmother Kirkland would wear today if she were here all the way down to pieces my daughters enjoy wearing. Hillary Adams said, “Here at Plunder we are striving to bring back to life, the age-old mentality of treasured jewels, prized belongings and a grateful heart.”

I got involved with Plunder in the fall of 2016 after seeing a friend’s post about the jewelry. I was curious and started reading and looking at the jewelry… which I immediately fell in love with! I had never heard of the company and decided this was something I would love to share with the women in my community.

If I had to summarize why I decided to join a direct sales company in one word, it would be “connection.” I have a desire to connect with women, build friendships, meet new faces, and the jewelry has been a great way to do that. It’s something we love to admire on others, something we love to talk about, shop for together, and get excited when we see someone wearing a piece we have been eyeing on the web site!

Plunder jewelry has some unique features. You can mix and match many of the pieces.  You might buy a pendant or charm that will fit on a bracelet and a variety of different necklaces. It can change the look of a necklace just by changing the charm.

An exciting group of products are items you can personalize and customize. You can put your own saying, picture, or design in a necklace, keychain, or pendant for a bracelet. I am crazy about the line of inspirational jewelry that can tell your story of faith. There are bracelets and necklaces with Scripture and faith-based statements on them.

Many ladies have found that our jewelry works well with essential oils. Oils can be placed on the backside of the genuine leather bracelets and the Anita necklace has been featured for its locket which can hold oils on fabric or leather pieces.

There are a few ways to get involved with Plunder:

  • Of course, SHOP! Join me on my website to browse and shop! www.plunderdesign.com/christaskipper
  • Become a member of Christa Skipper’s Plunder Page on Facebook to see new pieces, specials, and occasional drawings and contests.
  • One exciting thing Plunder does is called “Plunder Posse.” When you join Posse, you sign up for a subscription for $25 a month and receive exclusive pieces every month with no tax or shipping added. There is no contract, so you can cancel at any time.
  • Host a party! You can host your own party, either in-person or online, and earn FREE jewelry for yourself just for hosting! Many ladies are hosting parties exclusively through Facebook and are easily sharing Plunder with all of their Facebook friends.
  • Lastly, you can join my team and be a part of Plunder as well! I would be glad to give you more information, or you can check out my website to read more about it.

Thanks, Christa! Shop for the pieces featured here and more beautiful pieces on Christa’s web site, www.plunderdesign.com/christaskipper.


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