How to make a Cotton Boll Wreath

I am so excited about my Square Faux Cotton Boll Wreath!

I just had my 34th birthday, and because I’m a grown-up (and I had not asked for anything specific), my mama gave me money. I used it to buy the supplies for this wreath, so technically she gave me this wreath for my birthday. ? (She also sat in the car with my sleeping boys so I could shop at Hobby Lobby alone! Thanks, Mama.)

I picked up the square wreath, which I think is made of grape vine, at Hobby Lobby. It’s about  1.5 feet square, so with the cotton stems added, it’s a pretty big wreath.

I looked at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s for cotton boll stems (the boll is the little case the cotton grows in) and apparently a lot of people beat me to them. Totally sold out at both places. (I hear it’s Joanna Gaines’ fault. Am I the only one who has never seen Fixer Upper? Judging by my excitement over this cotton wreath, I’d probably love it, right? Apparently she’s a fan of cotton? She also has an amazing line of clothes that came out this month with Matilda Jane. That has nothing to do with cotton wreaths, I’m just saying.)

Anyway, I ended up getting the cotton stems from Velvet’s Vintage, my very favorite vintage shop in Cleveland, Georgia. I plan on doing a post all about Velvet’s in the very near future.

First, I tied a long piece of blond burlap ribbon to the wreath, letting the ribbon hang down inside the wreath.

I used six cotton stems, and stuck them in all around the wreath, attaching them with gray velvet ribbon I wound tightly around it. You have to be careful with the cotton, it comes apart easily. I bent the stems to slide inside the  wreath. It’s kind of hollow.

After I was satisfied with the look of the cotton, I made a bow and attached it to the top of the wreath. Then I tied on a silver “B,” a metal letter I found years ago at Lakewood Antique Market in Cumming, Ga. I’ve never known what to do with it before now, so I’m glad to make use of it.

Now my foyer is a lot more welcoming, with a little Southern flair!

What do you think? Do you have any ideas for making cotton wreaths? Should I be binge-watching Fixer Upper?

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