Christmas Picky Picks: The Tree Dazzler

I’m a little bit of a sucker for infomercials. The people on them are so nice, so enthusiastic, and SO EXCITED about whatever they’re selling. So… long story short, I am the proud owner of a Tree Dazzler!

Instead of paying one “easy” payment of $39.99, I looked it up on and got it there for the same price.

I got out our tree yesterday and put the Tree Dazzler on it, and I have to say, those nice people on the infomercial were right. It IS like your very own Christmas light show, right in your living room. It’s hard to capture how dazzling it is on the tree, but you can see the candy-colored lights on my hardwood floors in the first photo in this post.

The Tree Dazzler is a set of one-inch, round LED light strings that are attached vertically to a ring. Just like the commercial said, all you have to do is place the ring on top of your tree, arrange the light strings around it evenly, and voila. A Christmas light show in three minutes flat.

The cool thing about the Tree Dazzler is the lights can change from still, with settings for all the colors and some color mixtures, like red and white, to “shimmer,” with the lights fading in and out, to “show,” with the lights twinkling through all the colors. Each setting has several different color options. There are 6 colors and 15 patterns.

I normally cringe a little at the thought of LEDs, because I like a warmer, more yellow light, especially on a Christmas tree, but I am happy with the look of the Tree Dazzler. It even looks a bit old-fashioned with the large round lights, which I love! My favorite two settings are the “shimmer” setting set on red, so I have a mixture of my traditional white lights and shimmering red round bulbs, and the multi-colored “show” setting, which has a very fun, candy-like look to it. 

I have a pre-lit tree, so I can have the look of a fully lit tree with one Tree Dazzler on it to add a little bit of fun and make it “pop”. If I didn’t have a pre-lit tree, I would probably want two Tree Dazzlers, and I would tuck half of the light strands inside the branches to make it glow from within, then add the second half to the outside. But if you have a small tree, one would still probably work. The lights are really bright.

The Tree Dazzler is discounted a bit on right now, so you too can have your very own Christmas miracle of modern technology. I am only half-way joking. I am so excited about our Tree Dazzler!

I am hoping the manufacturers of The Tree Dazzler make an outdoor version in time for next Christmas, so we can have dazzling shrubbery, too.

Happy decorating!

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