Picky Picks: Entenmann’s Ultimate Black & White Cookies

What’s the best part of blogging about Entenmann’s Ultimate Black & White Cookies? I am eating them. Right now.

I recently made a trip to Ingles with a baby and a toddler just to check to see if they had any of these cookies. They did, so naturally I bought two boxes. I did some rationalizing about possibly freezing the second box because they are hard to find, but here I am, um, reviewing the second box.

I think black and white cookies are a “thing” in New York- Jerry Seinfeld even did a bit about them- and I haven’t seen them much in the South, so I have to say I don’t know what they’re expected to be like.

Regardless, these are worth every penny of the $6.95 I paid for them. They seem like they are from a little bakery rather than a factory. They’re a bit like little cakes, with wonderful confectioner’s sugar icing. The cake-ish cookie part reminds me of really good wedding cake.

The contrast of the smooth, hardened icing and the soft cake cookie = perfection. Like I said, they’re hard to find, so if you see them, snap up a few boxes. You can “freeze” the extras.

Have you tried Entenmann’s Ultimate Black & White Cookies? How do they compare to the ones you’ve had from a bakery?


  1. I was born and raised in NY Been here in GA now 15 yrs BLACK AND WHITES are my number one favorite When see my family Im not allowed in until I show I brought B&W
    Entenmans is near by my hometown Started as small bakery and just grew and grew Now a big factory and making all kinds of bakery items The big chocolate donuts and crumb cake are also the best In NY bakerys the B$W are very large and cake and icing are to die for I now have to settle for the little ones that are true to taste to the Entenman products Ive not seen in Ingles yet but do get the chocolate donuts and triy not to eat at one sitting I know that Publix also carrys them

    • Very cool, Rosemary! I love New York. We went there on our honeymoon. Great to hear from a real New Yorker (and also a fellow GA girl)! 🙂 I found the Entenmann’s Black & Whites near the dairy aisle in Ingles, if you’re looking.

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